Argan oil is a natural product. It comes from the pressing of kernels extracted from dried fruits the Argania (Argania spinosa), a tree which only exists in the Arganeraei Biosphere Reserve in the south of Morocco, between Essaouia and the beginning of the Saharan fringe. The Arganeraei covers over 800 000 hectares and has recently been declared global forest heritage of humanity.

The argania itself is the unique representative of the Sapotaceae family outside the tropical humid zone. It’s a true “living fossil”, the last descendant of a rich forest in the region during the Tertiary Period, when the climate was more humid. With the ice age, the whole of the Argania forest moved towards the south of Morrocco. 

The arganeraei is in fact the fruit of many centuries of domestication. Generations of Berber famers in the region cultivate and shape the arganeraei. Extracted through a mechanical process which is devoid of any chemical substance, argan oil has always been used by Berber women in the south of Morrocco as a body and hair treatment, thanks to its composition high in vitamin E. 

Argan oil reinvigorates skin naturally, hydrates and acts against dryness as well as ageing. The skin becomes brighter and more elastic. It can be used by all types of skin as a night care product, regenerating cells during sleep and combatting skin aging. Used as a hair conditioner, it nourishes and revitalizes the scalp, as well as giving a noticeable shine and a  natural softness.

Argan oil is also recommended for the treatment of brittle nails. It fortifies them and protects them from external aggressions. Composition :

Virgin argan oil includes : Unsaturated essential acids (omega-6), including oleic acids (47%) and linoleic acid (31%) all together representing almost 80% of its composition.

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