My argan oil love story

It's been 4 years since I really got to know the virtues of argan oil.

At the time my husband was suffering terribly from an itching caused by incredible rashes, which covered the whole surface of his back. He couldn't sleep at night. The skin on his back had become thin, wrinkled and had lost its elasticity. The dermatologist who examined him told him that there were a lot of cases of this in Australia and that he could put on some cortisone ointment to soothe the itching. The skin problem was provoked by an excess of exposure to sunlight and by the ageing of the skin. It is not a serious sickness caused by a virus or a cancerisation of the skin, but the pain and the uncomfort are quite important.

The cortisone ointment can soothe the itching but cannot restore the skin. It can cause harmful side-effects. We were embarrassed. Exactly at that period of time, a Berber friend had brought me some argan oil and I told myself « I'll try with this oil ». 

 This friend came from the region of production of argan oil and the oil he brought me was a 100 percent pure virgin argan oil. Every day I applied it on my husband’s back. Little by little the itching faded and after three weeks the rashes had disappeared. The skin looked healthy and smooth.

Since then, I’ve wanted to spread the virtues of argan oil to other people having similar skin problems so they can be relieved of their discomfort and recover a clean and healthy skin. It is 100% a natural treatment – no chemicals or dangerous additives, and no risk of uncomfortable side-effects. The problem is to find this oil in its most natural and pure form, which is difficult these days, even in Morocco according to my Moroccan friends.

To enjoy the full benefits of this precious oil, the 100% pure natural virgin oil is the best. At the market you can easily find argon oil but it is very difficult to find 100% pure natural virgin oil, even in Morocco from what my Moroccan friends say. Often it is mixed with other oils.

I also had skin problems – dry skin, as well as allergies to cosmetic products and to the sun. L tried using cosmetic products from the best brands but with time, the dryness was spreading to the rest of my body and getting worst. I started using the argan oil daily as well and my skin became visibly softer and smoother within a few weeks, at a much lower cost than with my usual products.

Hoping to share the benefits of this extraordinary and natural oil with everyone, I decided to sell this 100% pure argan oil myself at a reasonable price with no intermediary seller. 


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